Humble Beginnings

A little less than a year ago, I created a blog that I wanted to dedicate to writers. Promote them, publish their work, and offer (hopefully) sage advice. (OK, and sometimes I use the blog to talk about TV shows.)
In recent weeks, my number of followers reached the triple digits. Excuse me, I meant to say – TRIPLE DIGITS! This is something I did not think possible when I began Glass Cases.
For this, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU! to all of my followers – old and new. Glass Cases has come a long way from its days of yore (aka “late 2009”), but it is still a blog that is 100% for writers. Which means, it would not exist without you.

So, again, thank you all. It makes me so happy (and still sort of surprised) that my little blog is actually being read by people. And to all of my new followers – I hope you submit your work very soon!

Have a good weekend everyone!


9 thoughts on “Humble Beginnings

  1. Sadly, that corgi is not mine. It belongs to the internet. Hopefully someday I can call one my own!!

    Thanks everyone for your comments 🙂


  2. Sarah,

    Congrats on the blog success! I am very happy for you, it's a great blog and I look forward to checking it out whenever I can. But almost as importantly: Who does that dog belong to, and what is its name? It's pretty much the cutest thing I e'er laid eyes on…


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