Happy Anniversary, Me!

Little known fact: this week marked the one year anniversary of Glass Cases publications.So first and foremost, THANK YOU for keeping this blog alive and for supporting me and for being all around amazing!!!

Technically, my first blog post was August 28, 2009, which you can view here – please don’t mock my formatting issues. I like to think I’ve stayed true to my original idea, even though I guess I never did the theme weeks. Oh well. Maybe some other time. As you might be able to piece together, this blog started when I was a wee assistant, not really sure if I’d make it in this crazy, mixed up world of publishing (OK that’s only half true). But, as my position with Curtis Brown changed, the blog did become a little more industry-related, but only in terms of writerly education; I still leave the business side of things to be explained by those who are far superior at it than I.

The first Glass Cases publication did not get posted until this week in September 2009. Such an innocent time, back then. Hard to believe we once lived in a Snooki-free world.

Anyway, this post today is just my chance to look back at the blog that I still can’t believe people read, and to express my thanks to all of you, particularly those who have contributed stories. Appropriately, celebrating my one year milestone means you have to buy me paper, or something. Instead, I’ll settle for e-paper… in the form of submissions! Guidelines are still on the side of the blog and I hope you all continue to support the blog by sharing your work with us.

Thanks again for everything, readers! Have a great weekend.

(this symbolizes my leap into a new blog season)

18 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Me!

  1. Congratulations, Sarah! I love your Blog. It’s very special. I don’t know how you accomplish this because it’s a virtual place, but visiting your Blog is like stepping into a quiet, rejuvenating place for writers. Your background in literature and writing always shines through in the way you talk about books, authors and writing. And I love reading the submissions you’ve published on your Glass Cases Blog. Thank you so much for inviting everyone to send you more submissions for your Blog. I’ll gladly send you another submission. Hope you like it. πŸ™‚


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