Relaxin’ All Cool

Is it just me, or has this week flown by? The day off on Monday shortened the work week, but good lord how the hours flew! Because of this rift in the space/time continuum, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed this week. OK, and last week. OK, for all of fall so far. Anyway!

This got me thinking about how we publishers and writers relieve ourselves of work-related stress. What do you do to remove yourselves from the literary life? (Besides “read a good book.”)

If you’re me, you listen to ’90s music, look at photos of corgis, catch up on The Daily Show, or buy shoes. 

Speaking of relaxing and feeling happy, Nick Hornby (yes, the author) and Ben Folds (yes, my boyfriend) have joined forces for pure musical and literary(ish) awesomeness. Witness the magic.

Have a good, relaxing weekend, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Relaxin’ All Cool

  1. I haven't immediately loved the new Ben Folds album, but the songs are growing on me. I was surprised to like the Levi Johnston song and I LOVE Picture Window.

    To relax? I watch America's Next Top Model or (right now) code websites.


  2. Let's see… I usually like to re-watch favorite movies or TV shows. Harry Potter, The Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Adventures, etc. I've also got this weird love for the Disney Channel, including Camp Rock.

    Not sure I wanted to admit that last one in public, however.


  3. In no particular order: Watching college football (live at Rutgers Stadium or on TV), listening to any one of my nearly 800 CD's (yes, I am the last person on Earth who still buys them), and taking my daughter to the park. Although truth be told, #3 probably ranks as my favorite stress-reliever.


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