Acceptance Speech

In the spirit of the Academy Awards, I’d like to thank the network execs at ABC for the heavy push for their new shows during last night’s award show. ABC gets my sincere gratitude for canceling two of its Men shows that I talked about last month. It seems they have replaced them with two more gender-specific titles – Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 and Good Christian Bitches.

Excuse me, I meant B**** and B, respectively. Far be it from ABC to poison our ears with such a dirty word, but let’s all thank them for taking the Girl trend to a new level by graduating those child-like hipsters to full-on bitches.

So thanks, primetime network TV, for letting women know the various roles we can play in society so we won’t have to use those pesky brains of ours ourselves. What would we do without you?


5 thoughts on “Acceptance Speech

  1. Really? Those are actually the names of TV shows? I guess it's why I don't watch network TV. Last night, I was rooting for Tattoo Girl (a modern day kick-ass heroine) to win best actress, even though I knew she didn't stand a chance. It was a tragedy for the world to lose Stieg Larsson just as he was beginning to shine a light on the wide-spread violence against women. A hightlight for me last night was the support for the women of Pakistan. ABC could take a lesson from them. Thanks for a great post.


  2. Shows like “Harry's Law” struggle with ratings and the lame-brained antic's of 2 Broke Girls lives on. Personally, I was entertained by Ellen on the JCPenny commercials during the Oscars than 2BG or Whitney. Good post Sarah.


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