Hi. I’m Sarah. I’m a literary agent at Bradford Literary Agency and I also write. Glass Cases started as a place to showcase unpublished writersFullSizeRender, and has evolved into a place that hopefully helps writers prepare for publication, gives them perspective, and generates conversation on and off the page.

Note: This blog is mine alone and is not affiliated with my agency. If you want to query me, please refer to the Bradford Literary Agency website for submission guidelines and what I represent.

Please do not use this blog to pitch your manuscript or promote your own blog or novel. If you find yourself writing a response piece instead of a comment, please move it to your own website. Keep comments respectful and related to the topic of my original post. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your Year in Queries statistics. It was very educational. Most agents would never take the time to so this. but our education only makes your job less stressful with garbage you don’t want. So thank you!


  2. I admire that you started a blog to showcase unpublished authors, and have taken the time to continue the webpage as a place to help writers. Most writers I know, including myself, are intimidated by agents and this blog shows us you are human after all. 🙂

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